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Below you'll find several of the endorsements e-mailed to us from past users. "There is just one reason ClearNatural is Award Winning... IT WORKS!"
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  • Hello. Two years ago, I noticed an emerging growth on the shaft of my penis (unaware of its serious nature I ignored it and had mistaken it for a pimple). As months went by, the growth became more obvious and I then started my research. Unfortunately by then, I was involved in a relationship and as such I informed my girlfriend of my suspicion of an HPV infection. Bombarded and discouraged by the "no cure" and "no hope" information flooded on the web, I was about to 'throw in the towel' when by God's Grace I saw a ClearNatural link. Initially, I was expectedly skeptical (more so since I am not a US resident), but I did the background research, followed my instinct and purchased a Virus Elimination Package for my girlfriend and I via the ClearNaturalwebsite. Delivery of the package to me in the Caribbean was above expectation and we began our treatment immediately. I endured the 6-month capsule treatment and encouraged my girlfriend with her 3-month treatment supply. During my treatment, I realized that the wart had stopped growing and by the third month, the wart began shrinking :) And a few weeks before the end of my treatment, the wart vanished. I am still flabbergasted. Moreover, before my girlfriend started her treatment, she had a pap smear done, the result- CIN1 (the presence of abnormal cells which can develop into cervical cancer). After she completed the ClearNatural treatment she underwent another pap smear several months later. The second result- Negative (all cells were normal once more)- she too is astonished. After our phenomenal experience, we felt it necessary to make a public statement in hope that someone else could also receive this gift of a cure.- Anonymous
  • Hi
    I have suffered from genital warts since I was in college (for 5 years now). It was very embarrassing and had made me very self-conscious about my condition. So much so I couldn't even date anyone because of it. After trying medication prescribed by my doctor (and it not working) and spending over $3000 on treatments of these last 5 years. I finally found a solution that worked for me in your ClearNatural product. I have to say it is quite potent, and it worked for me. Also I have no scaring, like you said which is great, I really didn't want to be reminded of the horrible experience for years to come. Thank you!
    - Anonymous
  • I purchased this product for my daughter's flat warts on her knees and legs after unsuccessful treatment by a dermatologist. Within days of taking the your product, her warts are gone. I have recommended your product to many friends and associates. We wish we had heard of your product before her painful experience of attempts to scrape and burn the warts away. Thank you again.- Anonymous
  • Well, I never order anything over the internet, so I was really nervous. I have only been taking them for 3 days and I have had the warts for 13 years (some are newer than others, there are many of them all over) and I am shocked to say the newer ones are already disappearing!!!! This is amazing because for 13 years I have went to countless dr.'s and spent so much money on over the counter med's and surgery that never worked. I am truly astonished and hope the results only continue to get better. Thank-you so much. P.S why do more Dr.'s not know of this, it would save people so much time, embarrassment and $? Sincerely, Christina- Anonymous
  • Hi, I contracted anal warts from my last partner. I was shocked when they started appearing. I have had them for about 7 months. I had been too afraid to go to the doctor. I was trying to find some info out about anal warts when I found your site. What did I have to lose? I mean there is a money back guarantee, I was skeptical but soon after using the product my warts went away. I have not had a wart come back since. I loved your spot treatment by the way! Cindy- Anonymous
  • Hello, when I discovered several warts on my daughter's leg I was horrified. I immediately went to the store and purchased a popular brand of wart remover. After several weeks of unsuccessful treatment and some serious burns to my daughter's skin, I decided to look for an alternative. A friend recommended your product and we couldn't be happier with the results. My daughter's warts were gone in about 3 weeks! You have a wonderful product. It's nice to know that there is an effective, all natural alternatives to using harsh chemicals.- Anonymous
  • I have suffered with painful planters warts for almost 2 years. You name it I've tried it, freezing them off, surgical removal, prescription medicines. Nothing seemed to work, they would always come back. When my shipment of ClearNatural arrived I was excited, something told me that your product was going to end my battles with planter warts. It seemed like in no time my planter warts were starting to disappear, and before I knew it they were gone! I'm so excited; I want to tell the world about my new discovery. Thank you.- Anonymous
  • After coming to the states to see my girl, I was shocked to return home and find out that she had been cheating on me. I knew that she gave me warts. And I was not about to tell anyone so was surfing online when I found ClearNatural. I ordered it immediately and started taking the prescribed dosage. Within a week my warts were gone and so was the girl.- Anonymous
  • Warts are the worst! I have tried everything to rid myself of warts and nothing has worked. When I came across your product online I was skeptical that it would work for me, but I decided to try it after I saw it on TV I was desperate for some relief. So I ordered it and I have been floored by the difference it has made. I feel better than I have in years and I feel way more confident. Thanks a million for all your help- Anonymous
  • I would like to share my experience since I used your product for genital warts. After I finished the first bottle of the 3-month treatment, something happened: I can't explain this, but I can only say: "This is a miracle of modern science." My warts are gone, the area is smooth and soft. (Before this the warts were terrible for me) It is a wonderful thing, during the healing process I felt comfortable, no pain... I would like to tell you that I am so very happy. Eva W.- Anonymous
  • I have tried so many alternative therapies for getting rid of the plantar warts on my foot and like you, I even had it frozen but to no avail. I did not really expect results this time either, but happily I was wrong! You must get a lot of happy clients! Thank you so much!- Anonymous
  • The only thing worse than finding out your boyfriend is cheating, is to find out that he also gave you an STD. I researched solutions on the Internet and found your product to be the most powerful. Luckily for me, he's gone and my warts are too.- Anonymous